Vision Buddy

World's first TV watching wearable headset VR system for the visually impaired. Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. Vision Buddy is a lightweight and simple plug and play system that connects to your existing TV cable, satellite or any streamer. Zoom in and out as per your needs while watching HD quality video with real-time image correction. Use the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to have Vision Buddy automatically read aloud your favorite books, newspaper, medicine labels restaurant menu, etc. This wearable headset VR system includes external battery and extends viewing time by 5 to 6 hours.     


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Specifications for Vision Buddy Wearable Headset VR Device:  


Display: 3K Full HD

Weight: 268 grams (0.59 pound)

Refresh Rate: 90Hz

Battery Life: 2 hours 15 minutes

Battery life with external battery: 5 - 6 hours

Camera: 12 megapixel

Zoom: 10x

Warranty: 1 year for defects in materials and manufacture under normal use

3 Modes: Television, Normal Color/OCR, and Reading (Grayscale)

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