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LyriQ Auto Reader


                                 LyriQ Auto Reader


The LyriQ is a simple to use, lightweight, OCR auto reader for blind or low vison individuals that reads back aloud almost instantly. The device can be used to read books, magazines, letters and envelopes. Excellent sound is provided by built in speakers. Sound can be streamed to wireless headset or hearing aids. There are two options to power the device, A/C or battery. 

                                     LyriQ Advantages

- Easy to operate. Place a document on the base surface and LyriQ will read it out loud - no buttons to push

- Lightning fast. you will hear Lyriq start within one to two seconds 

- Bluetooth enabled and Hearing Aids compatible

- Weighs only 3 pounds and folds flat

- 12 hours battery life

- Adjustable reading speed

- The device comes pre-installed with English and Spanish with other languages available

- Optional wireless keypad for advanced functions

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