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                            Patriot Voice Plus

The Patriot Voice Plus is designed for low vision individuals and is the simplest text to speech stand alone reading machine with Alexa integration. It comes loaded with Amazon's Alexa voice response system. For those with Wi-Fi, ask it a question such as "what is the time?" and Alexa will give you a spoken answer. This unit will allow you to listen to most printed material at your leisure and give you the freedom again to enjoy books spoken aloud, mail, labels on food packages, and so much more. Independence is a touch away. 


- Simple, big buttons for easy identification and navigation

- Easy to pause, back up, and go forward when reading

- Easy to mange settings for reading speed and volume

- Can operate on rechargeable battery or AC power

- Portable and easy to transport

- Warranty 1 Year

- Price quoted upon request

patriot voice plus (2).jpg
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