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RealSAM Pocket Phone

What is RealSAM Pocket?                                        

An easy to use voice-operated smartphone designed for people with
sight loss

● You can access most features by just tapping on the screen
(“tap to talk” button that takes the bottom 20% of the screen) and saying
what you would like the device to do.
● RealSAM Pocket comprises a high quality handset from Samsung and the RealSAM software. RealSAM is a software that takes over the user experience and not an app.
● RealSAM Pocket offers a consistent user experience within the RealSAM Platform and because of that no additional apps can be downloaded.
● It is sold as a ready to use phone that is compatible with any
mobile network in the US and can be connected to WiFi and
bluetooth enabled devices including earphones and hearing aids.

Be Connected
Tap the phone and say “Call James Bond”, “Send a
Message to Q”, or “Add a contact for Moneypenny”.
RealSAM Pocket allows you to stay connected, without
having to see a screen.

Be Entertained
Find and stream books instantly from multiple free
libraries. No waiting or borrowing limits. Listen to
podcasts, radio stations and newspapers
instantaneously by making simple voice requests

Be Independent
With built-in World Clock, Weather Forecasts,
Emergency Assistance, Smart Reminders, Location
Services, Video Magnifier and Object Identifier,
RealSAM Pocket is here to assist you with everyday
tasks. Also included is Be My Eyes which connects you
with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a
live video call

Key Features of RealSAM Pocket

- Add Contacts by Voice
- Make and Receive Calls
- Send and Receive Text Messages
- Read Text (OCR)
- Use Video Magnifier
- Get Sighted Assistance
- Access Information
- Use Smart Reminders
- Stream Content 

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