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                                  Patriot Pro 12.9



The Patriot Pro 12.9 is an innovative solution for low vision. The device provides incredibly clear magnification and is truly portable. It is lightweight, durable, battery powered, WiFi capable, magnifier and computer. The device is a full iPad Pro tablet and the user can check email, surf the internet, create documents and more. The device combines custom software on the Apple IOS platform.




- Large iPad 12.9 inch Ultra High Definition Retina Display-

- Adjustable Magnification

- Adjustable Contrasting Colors

- Adjustable by Voice

- OCR Text to Speech

- Folds Flat for Travel

- Battery Operated with 14 Hour Life

- Portable and Lightweight

- Distance Zoom and Near Zoom

- Easy to Use

- Warranty - 1 Year

- Price quoted upon request

patriot pro 12.9 (12).jpg
patriot pro 12.9 (5).jpg
patriot pro 12.9 (4).jpg
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