seeBOOST is an electronic monocular spectacles-mounted low vision enhancement device designed to improve functional vision of persons with macular degeneration, diabetes retinopathy and other central vision eye disorders. seeBOOST provides adjustable magnification, auto-focus with no discernible delay, contrast enhancement and increases the light into the eye through proprietary optics and lighting design. This smart glasses device is intended for all-day use, and for various activities such as reading, recognizing features on faces, watching television, playing games, attending church and viewing email. 

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seeBOOST Smart Glasses Specifications

Weight - 0.9 oz. not including frames

Display Field of View - 30 degrees

Brightness - Adjustable

Battery Operating Time - 5 - 6 hours

Battery Recharge Time - 2 hours to full charge

Magnification Range - 1.4 to 8.0

2 Modes - Normal Color / Reverse Gray

Contrast Enhancement - Automatic

Auto Focus - 3 inches to Infinity

Warranty - 1 year